Inadvertently Coming Soon

Welcome to Inadverently Online is soon to be proud passionate member of the Fediverse via a self-hosted Mastodon instance. Our goal is to create a community that holds dear a reverence for life, works to find true happiness, expresses true compassion through deep listening & loving speech, and helps everyone in the world find nourishment & healing through online friendship. We plan to acomplish this by utilizing modern tools to power a service offered free to those who would wish to call it home. There is no saying where this project will go, but it is exciting to be apart of this journey.

Along with the Mastodon instance, this website will also serve as a knowladge base and an alternative communication platform for long posts. Eventually it will be flushed out with a frequently asked questions, announcements, a service status page, and other useful information. Until then, please mind the dust.